Boundary Crescent

1597 Boundary Cres.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the affordable housing project being built at 1597 Boundary Crescent.

The project is being developed under the BC Provincial Homelessness Initiative and is one of the projects resulting from a Memorandum of Understanding between the Province and the City of Nanaimo signed in 2008. Land is provided on a long term lease by the City of Nanaimo. This specific project was approved for design in November 2011.

The complex will be providing 41 units of permanent, subsidized and staffed housing for individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in the community. Nanaimo Affordable Housing (NAHS) will be the owner/operator of the complex with staffing contracted to two partner community agencies, Vancouver Island Mental Health Society (VIMHS) and Haven Society.

The VIMHS has been providing rehabilitation and housing support for individuals with a psychiatric disability for over 35 years and will be providing the 24 hour staff presence at the complex.

One floor of the new building will be dedicated to housing single women who are fleeing violence and who have come through the many Haven Society programs offered in the community. Haven Society will also be providing more focused support for those women.

The project will have an Operating Agreement with BC Housing for subsidy and support services for 60 years from the date of opening. The complex is projected to be completed late in 2015.

Barnabas Walther
Executive Director
Vancouver Island Mental Health Society
250-758-8711 Vancouver Island Mental Health Society


Anne Taylor
Executive Director
Haven Society
(250) 756-2452 local #243 Haven Society