Five Things About Us

1. Mission Focused

NAHS is always on the lookout for opportunities to develop and maintain housing that is affordable. As Government priorities have changed, NAHS has expanded its vision and tenant mix, housing families, singles and now seniors as well.

2. Tenant Centered

In all of the NAHS complexes, helping to develop a sense of community for tenants is paramount. A sense of community helps the tenants to feel more ownership of their housing environment.

3. Innovative

“Six Easy Pieces” was a six session program for six people developed by NAHS staff. The program focused on healthy cooking on a limited budget. In one course, all cooking was done in microwaves for people living without full kitchen facilities.

4. Committed

NAHS has been an active member of the BC Non-Profit Housing Society and participates in many provincial regional housing round tables. NAHS staff have also made themselves available to assist and advise new housing operators on the Island.

5. Co-operative

The newest project under development by NAHS is a unique partnership involving Columbian Centre Society and Haven Society. This 41 unit development will house individuals with a psychiatric diagnosis as well as single women fleeing domestic or street violence